When it comes to comfort food, you can never go wrong with a heaping plate of pasta. While most people are content with the boxed pasta, you’ve never really known a great pasta dish until you’ve had fresh homemade pasta. You can make your very own pasta whenever you want when you have a pasta maker...

Pasta making ingredients - egg and flour
Pasta making with eggs and flour



If your family loves pasta and Italian dishes, then you probably have boxes and boxes of dried pasta sitting in your cabinet. While these boxes of pasta are a great time saver, there’s something more satisfying when you make your pasta from scratch...

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Marcato atlas stainless steel pasta machine review

Marcato Atlas Stainless Steel Pasta Machine Review

When people want to live a healthier lifestyle or be more hands on with their cooking, they may own appliances that are going to help them create healthy pasta. The Marcato Atlas Stainless Steel Pasta Machine is an affordable option, as it is priced under $65...

Imperia pasta maker machine review

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine Review

The difference between a plate of homemade pasta and a plate of pasta from a box is… It’s quite noticeable to say the least. For those who want to make their favorite pasta dish stand out, you’ll want to use a pasta maker like the Imperia Pasta Maker Machine...

Atlas electric pasta machine review

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine Review

As much as we want to believe that we have all the time in the world to make food from scratch, the truth is it can be quite time consuming, especially if you’re doing things manually. With the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, you can speed up the pasta making process and still have delicious homemade pasta...

HomeStart pasta maker review

HomeStart Pasta Maker Review

Homemade pasta can be the very ingredient that will take your favorite pasta dish to the next level. Not only will the pasta be easier to cook and have that authentic handmade look, but you can make healthy pasta when you use a pasta maker like the HomeStart Pasta Maker...

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